Sunday, February 13, 2011

What I Did Today

I did some sewing today! I had an agenda. Skirts! Skirts for baby girls to be more specific. I love making stuff to give to other people and skirts are so fun and easy! Here is what I made today! (I also made my son a book bag for his Tag Reader and Library books, but forgot to get a picture).

A bunch of cute little skirts!

I am most proud of these two though...

This first one is the most adorable denim skirt ever! And it is so so so easy! I made two of these today. I have plans for another for my daughter, I just need to tweak the measurements. I found this skirt at kojodesigns
in a guest tutorial by Jill from homemadebyjill.

And this one was one I just made up from a few different skirt designs I have worked on. This is for my daughter and i love how it turned out. This was my first time working with a knit material and it was interesting. Easy enough but a little frustrating at times. I bought ball point needles to use with it and i really didn't care for them. I ended up switching to my regular needle towards the end of it. The waistband can fold down or not depending on how you like it. It works well both ways for her. It fits her great (she wouldn't let me take her picture when she tried it on, so just trust me) and it matches one of my favorite shirts on her. :)

I just found this picture of my daughter posing for the camera (of course not in her new skirt) with her brother's new book bag. You can't see the bag super well, but it's pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Fast, fun and functional. All things I love.

And, as a side note before I go, I challenged myself to make 365 things this year. So far I am up to 59 items since January 1st. Not too shabby. Now, keep in mind some of those are key fobs and lanyards. But it's still an item I hand made. :)

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  1. What cute skirts! I especially love the denim ones. :)