Saturday, June 5, 2010

I have arrived!

I have arrived on blogger! Well, truth be told, I am already on blogger. (I keep a family blog.) But B Sew Crafty is getting her own blog because I think it would be awesome to be featured on various websites! I am preparing my first tutorial right now! We'll see how that goes. ha!

B Sew Crafty is me, myself and I....just sewing and trying new things. I am pretty excited about all of this! My husband bought me my sewing machine and everything to go with it about 6 years ago. Well, it sat and sat for 6 years until a few months ago when I got it out to sew some pillows for my kids. I was getting a little bored on the days when my kids decide to play on their...own at the other end of our house. And let's just say, if Facebook charged for it's usage, they would have made a small fortune off me! Two little pillows led to a dress for my daughter, some aprons and then several other items. After people started asking me if I would do custom orders and/or sell my creations I decided to advertise some. :) And here we are today! Not too shabby for a few months of playing around with fabrics, techniques, patterns, etc. At the end of the day, I am just happy to have made something, profit or not. I like knowing I was creative in some way!

Now that I have gotten the introduction out of the way, I can work on this tutorial and get it posted! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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