Sunday, June 27, 2010

Loving Keyka Lou!

This past week I bought a set of Keyka Lou Clutch patterns....and fell in love! These clutches are the cutest!! And they are incredibly easy to make, which is always a fun bonus! I have already sold a few on my etsy shop and made a couple for myself....and more in the works. Who knew these would be such a big deal?? Definitely check out Keyka Lou patterns here or here, they are so much fun!

I am pretty excited that I have a couple new little pretties for myself though. I am always making for other people and never quite getting around to myself, so this was fun! And I get the chance to use it tomorrow night when I go have dinner with some friends to celebrate a new baby arriving *any day* now!

This is a cute set that I did as a special order on etsy....LOVE this fabric!

I made this one for me!

Besides being adorable, these clutches are really handy sizes! The small one is about 5.5in by 3.5in when closed and the large one is 8in by 4.5in when closed. The small one actually will fit into the large one, even with extra stuff in it! And the small one is the perfect size to shove credit cards, money, chap stick (or gloss, if you aren't chap stick dependent like I am...) and go! It will fit into any purse or even a coat pocket. Love it!

On a not so great note...I attempted my first bamboo handled purse yesterday. It didn't turn out so hot. The opening of the purse is super tiny and the stitching to hold the handles in turned out awful. Very awkward....ugh! I found a new tutorial to follow so hopefully take two will be better! At least the fabric is cute and can be reused as something smaller in the future...maybe a new Keyka Lou Clutch to match me soon to be successful bamboo handled bag! :) I am obsessed!


  1. Thank you so much for being there tonight!!! AND I love the teeny tiny dress and changing pad that you made! SOOO CUTE!!! THANK YOU!!!

    (bet you knew I'd be blogging tonight lol)

  2. LOL I expected it! I am so glad you like the gifts :) It was fun to make a super tiny dress!