Friday, January 14, 2011

I Heart Denim

It's true. I have been using denim a lot lately. I don't know why the sudden fascination, but it's been fun. Did ya notice I even changed my layout to a denim layout? Nerd alert. Here are pictures of the denim love floating around B Sew Crafty lately.

An iPod/Camera case

A Buttercup Bag

Those are my two favorites I have made recently. I want to make a clutch with denim also. Go figure. Coincidentally, both those items are for sale in my shop. :)

In other news, I have been busy with orders and working on building up my stock in my shop. It's been great! I have had so much fun trying new things, fabric shopping and brainstorming future projects. I need to get some sewing done for my daughter though! I have the cutest tulip fabric I bought last summer and haven't used it yet. I want to make her something cute to wear for spring. I also have some ideas to re-purpose some of her jeans and mine too. I am excited to try some clothing projects finally.

I am still planning on working on the Amy butler Style Stitches Sew Along...which means I should order my book soon. hahahaha I opted to not make this months bag because it is ginormous, so I have a little wiggle room to get the book here before the next bag. Maybe this week I will order it...

That's all I got for now. Stay tuned for some pictures of my new projects/first time projects!


  1. Love the denim Buttercup bag!

    You might want to think about ordering the book soon, or maybe ordering from somewhere other than Amazon. I got an e-mail from someone else in the Sew Along who said her's isn't supposed to be delivered until March & she just ordered it this week!

  2. I had it ready to order the book from Amazon and it told me the same thing! I am a member of Crafter's choice book club and can get it there and shipped in no time :)

    and Thanks :) I really like the denim Buttercup too....