Wednesday, December 8, 2010

....And, I'm Back!

July was my last post...What has happened since then? A LOT.

My son's birthday, a divorce, a cross country move with two small kids, beginning a new life, my daughter's birthday and Thanksgiving....and now we are less than 7 hours away from my birthday! WAHOO! I have been a tad busy. But, I have been sewing too, which is pretty much awesome! I was very sad to pack up my machine, all my fabric and notions and everything I had organized when we moved. But, I have a really great sewing space here at our new house. So yay for that! I have my etsy shop up and running again and business is doing well. I also managed to make all my friends and family Christmas gifts and find time for some just for fun projects too. All in all, I am doing well!

I have pictures and pictures to share of my latest creations. I will post a few on here before I close. I am still very much addicted to Keyka Lou patterns and can't get enough! I have a link at the top of my page for her pattern page, so if you would like to try them yourself, click the link and go purchase one! They are so super cute and so worth every penny you spend! She emails them to you in pdf form so you can make it right away, no waiting for them to arrive in the mail! That's one of my favorite things! :)

Ok, picture time!

My very favorite purse I have made I think- The Sweetheart Shopper...I did this in a really cute corduroy and I loved it! I placed it for sale in my shop on etsy and it sold right away!

A super cute small clutch in the Hooty Hoot fabric I like so much!

A cute cute Christmas Java Sleeve. I love the polka dots!

And, it's not sewing, but I have some cute cute kids!

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