Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy with gifts

This week I have been busy with gifts for Christmas. I didn't take picture of everything because most of the people receiving them don't know what it is yet. However, my sister already knows what her gift is so I can post pics of it here. :)

Here is my sister's gift- a Sweetheart Shopper (Keyka Lou)in dark denim....I love this so much I may have to make myself one.

I also made myself a gift :) I wanted a new purse for my birthday so I chose this beautiful tweed-y fabric :) Again...the Sweetheart Shopper. I do have other purse patterns, I swear. I am just very partial to this one :)

And I tried my hand at fleece tie blankets for my kids for gifts too. They were easy! I know what not to do for next time but I really like how they turned out. They are less than a yard each but they will be the perfect size for them.

On my agenda for the rest of this week and weekend is a taggy blanket for a newborn baby boy and some clutches. :) yay! I am feeling very inspired this week. I guess it's the holiday season and the urge to give!

Here are a couple other pictures....not sewing related at all...I am just a proud mommy :)

My son, Zane, at his first Christmas parade...

My little Santa baby, Claire...

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  1. I found another way to make the fleece blankets this week that I thought was pretty cool. I've never made them either way, but I love the idea.