Sunday, December 19, 2010

More gifts!

I had another fun and productive day of sewing. Watching it snow outside, I was very glad to be in a warm house, sipping homemade mochas and listening to Christmas music. I got all but one gift done! The only gift remaining is a baby doll blanket for my daughter to go with the baby doll pack-n-play I got her. I am pleased with everything that I made today, all first time projects!

First up, I made these adorable pin cushions that tie to your machine. So handy! I first saw them, over at I Can Find The Time. I wanted to link to the tutorial but I couldn't find it, so I went from memory. I love how they turned out. One is a gift for one of my sewing buddies, Dana. You can check out her blog here! I liked it so much, I made one for myself and started using it today while making the other gifts!

The two pin cushions...

My pin cushion in use!

I just love this little cutie.

Next up was two fabric bookmarks! One is for my dad and one is for my friend, Randi, who is an avid reader and journal user. Dana sent me the link to this tutorial and I fell in love with it. I got it here. This is such a fun, quick and useful project. I highly recommend it as a gift for a reader you know!

Here is Randi's bookmark.

I made these adjustable with two buttons, for different sized books.

Here is the one I made for my dad.

This worked out perfectly for him, it goes around his whole journal. (that is not his journal, that is my copy of A Purpose Driven Life...)

After I finished all these projects up, I checked blogs and email and I saw something that made me super excited and happy! Michelle at Keyka Lou posted her newest pattern- a 13" Laptop Sleeve!! I am so excited to purchase this pattern and start making these! I can't wait to pick fabric for my own. :) I have a lot I can use here already, but I don't know if I have anything bigger than fat quarters. Guess I have some looking around to do! I have a netbook so it's smaller than 13". I can size it down but I am going to leave it the same size so I have extra room to store my power cord and external hard drive in it too.

I am feeling accomplished this evening...time for something sweet and maybe a little know, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse...yep, I am one of those women. ;)

p.s. I bought magnetic snaps to use this week...stay tuned.

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