Friday, April 15, 2011

Skirts! Part Two

Well, I managed to get all three skirts done today! I am super happy with the results of each skirt. My skirt turned out really cute, I am pleased. The zipper was still tricky and it's not really a hidden zipper, but it looks decent. For that being my first time with a zipper, it's pretty good. I got the skirt done and tried it on and hated it. It was longer than in the pictures here, so I shortened the hem. I also had to realize that this is a full skirt, which I am not used to wearing. Normally I wear denim skirts that hug your body some. So seeing this was a tad different. I felt like a large cupcake at first. Now I like the flow of it and the movement. I do wish I had done more gather though. That was my fault, I didn't buy a ton of fabric. My thinking was it would look better less full. But I think in this case, a little fullness would be better. I am happy with it overall, though. And I intend on wearing it to church on Easter Sunday with a very pale grey, short sleeved sweater, white lace cami and my grey ruffled ballet flats. :)

I am also very happy with the two skirts for Claire bear. She is happy with them also. :) Not much explaining to do about these. They are incredibly easy and so cute. I love them! She wore her striped skirt all day long, it was cute to see her liking it so much.

And for those who are keeping track or care, I am up to 83 items for my project 365 this year. I did not count all 87 Java Sleeves...I counted them as one giant item. I guess if I counted them all, I would be double what I am at now...but I'm ok with that. :)


  1. They turned out so cute! I want to see a pic of your complete Easter outfit! Hugs!!

  2. Girl, you need to count each & every one of those java sleeves! Or at least half of them since I know your mom helped. You're not being fair to yourself to only count them as one! I'm proud of you, I think I've made about 6 things this year. :)

    And your skirts look great!

  3. Thank you, ladies! Maybe I will count all 87 :) And Bree, you have made one very important "thing" this year, your sweet baby boy! I think that counts for at least 200 items or so... ;) haha