Thursday, April 14, 2011


Tomorrow is a day for skirts! I am making three skirts tomorrow. This makes me so happy! I am making my daughter two Simple Skirts, which I have made before. I have two prints cut out for her skirts. One is a really cute striped fabric with pinks, oranges and blues. The other is leftover fabric from my skirt, a beautiful floral print. (pictured below. The picture is a little dark. I assure you, it's a very bright, cheery print) She saw the fabric and I told her it was for a skirt I was making. Her reply, "me?" so I decided to make her a matching skirt. Matching mommy and me skirts will be so much fun!

The skirt I am making for myself is the Party Skirt I blogged about awhile back. I am really excited to give this skirt a go. I have my fabric cut out and ready for tomorrow. Not only will this be my first skirt for myself (first article of clothing for me period) but it is the first time I will use a zipper. Ok, not really the first time. The first time was a disaster. It was for a little bag/pouch type thing and it was hideous. So my really truly first time can just be tomorrow. I feel confident enough after going over the zipper instructions she included with the tutorial. I know I can! :)

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